CITY 21: The Search for the Second Enlightenment

City development space and ideas as the means for current and future urban development. Superficially the film may be considered only appropriate for a professional design audience but it makes complex ideas about design and One articulate passage, meaning powerful imagination a always the possibility of a more perfect vision and version of the future.

A major theme of City 21 is the idea of sustainability and its role in the 21st century. The film presents various perspective allowing the viewer to consider what sustainability is and can be. Interviews with Phil Hawes projects and how discoveries through decades of research can be applied to the creation of “Eco‐ Villages”. and to recognize the role of history, community, place making and public education as crucial components

At the end of the film, City 21 introduces Stewart Brand’s idea of “The Long Now” which enforces the idea that the life span of good buildings and cities transcend any one human life. The inclusion of this segment provides the viewer with an inspiring perspective and a new way of considering the practice of design.

As difficult, inspiring and productive frictions of the urban condition we are reminded of the crisis of imagination suggesting creative and thoughtful methodologies and ideologies encouraging us to be “incautious optimists.”

‐James E. (Jeb) Brookman, AIA

City21 engages the viewer in focused aspirations and thoughts, as well as tantalizing points of discussion, of what our living environment can be just around the corner if we use creativity, Intelligence, and proven sustainable modalities.

The film advocates for the recognition of the spirit in architecture and the goal of building cities that do not demean, but ennoble, that do not harm the environment, but merge with it in a symbiotic relationship to create something where we can all live in peace and in spiritual and creative prosperity.

Miro Lipinski
Editor in Chief
New Vision Magazine

City21 – a documentary whose power is perhaps not in the watching but in the afterglow and influence it embeds in the psyche. You will never let your neighborhood slide into mediocrity after watching this composite treatise. It inspires and enflames nothing short of the best for your townscape. So, thanks for all your work on it – it is very influential.

Liz Hodgson
International Futures Forum

“City21 was an eye opener–filled with lots of interesting content and perspective.

One of the interesting aspects of the way you made the film, and the showcased projects, was its message that multiple perspectives and design results are acceptable, perhaps necessary, to meeting the challenge of creating sustainable environments.

This understanding requires a level of maturity and reflection. It leaves the audience with much to think about”.

Mary Myers, Ph.D.,M.L.A., B.S.L.A.
Chair – Department of Landscape Architecture
Temple University – Ambler College

“Well-conceived and skillfully written, City 21 is well worth your time.
It is an insightful and poignant documentary that reflects the interests and trends of the 21st century lifestyles we currently live in.
City 21 portrays a theme that all can relate to—a drastic need for change in our lifestyles and the ways we conduct business
in our cities in order to keep our planet more livable for future generations. Zelov and Cousineau’s latest documentary succeeds in
capturing the everyday reality of the issues facing the 21st century urban landscape while maintaining a focused approach towards
sustainability throughout the film. The film delivers valuable insight from various perspectives on city planning history,
sustainable approaches in design by transporting the viewer to various parts of the western world.”

Cynthia Nei
McGill University
Urban Design Department